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Laser Cutting Machine: All You Need To Know

The laser ray is an amplified light that is emitted from a specially designed device, being stimulated by electromagnetic radiation. These highly powerful rays can melt, burn, vaporize or tear off many substances.

Now, these laser rays are used for cutting different materials into smaller pieces. The application of laser cutting machine is gaining popularity in several industries, and also among common people.

Apart from the large-scale productions of industrial products, the laser cutter is also used by school students in their academic projects and some people use it to pursue their hobbies.

What is a laser cutting machine?

A laser cutting machine emits highly powerful laser rays that can easily cut through strong metals, like steel. Any design can be neatly cut out of wood or plastic with the help of a laser cutter, without creating any debris during the process. All small particles created while cutting materials are immediately burned off or vaporized by these strong laser rays, leaving the working place clean.

The entire operation of a laser cutter is controlled by computerized settings, termed as CNC or Computer Numerical Control. The intensity of laser beams is also steered by the laser optics system so that the required designs can be cut out precisely. Usually, the laser cutting machine is run by electricity, as it is the easiest source of power for generating laser beams. However, laser rays can also be created from chemical reactions, by providing heat from a lamp to a few materials that can combine chemically to release strong laser light.

A small mirror is placed within the laser cutting machine, to reflect the laser beams and boost their strength. Monochromatic light is used while reflecting the laser rays on the mirror so that these rays travel with the same wave. Then, there is fibre optics to contract these reflected laser beams and direct them to a single point for cutting precisely even intricate designs.

The laser cutting machine can also be used to engrave or etch out designs on hard substances, like metals. Flat metal sheets and metal pipes can be cut neatly with a laser cutter, to manufacture engineering structures in different factories. Now, Computer Aided Design (CAD) software is also used to couple the CNC setting for directing the laser cutter for accomplishing a specific project. Generally, large-sized laser cutters are used for industrial purposes while smaller ones are needed for personal uses.

How do I choose a laser cutting machine?

When someone needs to buy a laser cutting machine for personal or industrial applications, he should check certain factors to get the best one to fulfill his requirements.

First of all, a buyer should consider the use for which a laser cutter is needed. The power of a laser cutting machine depends on the nature and thickness of the material that it is supposed to cut or engrave after the purchase. Usually, the power of a common laser cutter varies between 500 Watts and 6000 Watts, depending on the work to be done with it.

The quality of a laser cutting machine depends on the manufacturer of that product. Hence, it is important to check the reputation of the manufacturing company before buying the required laser cutter. Different users of such devices may be consulted to gather information about the performance of laser cutters made by a company, its customer services, the costs of its products and payment norms. The websites of these manufacturers also provide the necessary information that helps in guiding a buyer.

The size of a laser cutting machine is another vital aspect that should be decided beforehand. The power of the cutter is directly linked with its size. Generally, thin metal sheets can be cut with a small machine with an average power range of 500W to 700W. However, thicker sheets of metals or other sturdy materials need larger and more powerful laser cutters.

All the parts of a laser cutting machine should be checked meticulously before buying it. The performing conditions of the generator of laser beams, the laser cutting point, electric motor, and water tank should be satisfactory at the time of purchase. The manufacturing countries of these vital parts matter a lot in deciding the quality and availability of these components of the laser cutter.

The after-sales service of the manufacturing company should be satisfactory for buyers. The warranty of the product should be checked, which renders free maintenance service to the purchased machine during that period. Moreover, it is desired that the manufacturer provides training for the users of large laser cutting machines, mainly the ones that are used in industrial sectors. Customers should be able to contact the manufacturers in case of any problem with these cutters.

What are the advantages of using a laser cutter?

The application of laser cutting machine has many benefits, which are the reasons for the popularity of this modern device.

The operation of a laser cutter requires a much lesser amount of energy, compared to other cutting devices. A small cutting machine needs only 10W while other varieties of cutters need a larger amount of electrical energy.

A laser cutter does not touch the surface of the materials to be cut or engraved since the entire cutting process is done with the help of laser beams. Thus, there is a much lesser risk of damage to these materials. Moreover, lesser maintenance is needed for this cutting machine, as it does not come in direct contact with hard materials while cutting.

As the laser beams remain confined within the cutting machine, there is no risk for users of this equipment. They do not come across any accident or health hazard while dealing with these powerful laser rays.

The laser cutting machine is applicable to different materials, like wood, metals, plastic, and glass. A high-power laser cutter can split even diamonds or other hardest substances.

The best accuracy is obtained by using a laser cutting machine, along with a perfect finish of the end products.

Therefore, a laser cutting machine can be put into the best use for a buyer, by following the instructions of the manufacturing company.

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