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CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturer

Baokun In order to give customers a more automated, quality-focused cutting experience, we are committed to designing and manufacturing industry-leading industrial plasma cutting solutions. We have many models plasma cutting machines. From entry to professional, from metal sheets to metal tubes.


CNC High Definition Plasma Cutting Machine

Model: BKP1325/BKP1530/Others
Working Area: 1300x2500mm, 1300x3000mm, or customized
Plasma Power Supply: Chinese Huayuan / American Hypertherm
Cutting Speed: 0-8000mm/min
Working Voltage: 380v,3 phase/220v,1 phase
Reposition Accuracy: 0.05mm

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Mini Desktop CNC Plasma Cutter

Baokun produce new MINI desktop cnc plasma cutter to meet the Europe and USA market of metal fabraication. Model: BKP-M-1010
Working Area: 1000x1000mm, 1300x3000mm, or customized
Plasma Power Supply: Chinese Huayuan / American Hypertherm
Cutting Speed: 0-8000mm/min
Working Voltage: 380v,3 phase/220v,1 phase
Reposition Accuracy: 0.05mm

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Plasma CNC Square &Round Pipe Profile Cutting Machine

Effective cutting size: φ30-120mm, 3000-6000mm long Three axis Fangling F2300A system Libellula tube 2 axis software HYD PTHC-200DC-PT Standard three-jaw chuck + three-jaw welding chuck Panasonic servo motor

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CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine

Advantages:High cutting accuracy, intuitive and concise display interface, automatic demonstration of altitude tracking trajectory, multiple cutting program memory, fixed angle, and variable angle bevelling cutting. Scope of Application:Cutting processing of pipeline structural parts in construction, chemical industry, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, electric power, and other industries.

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Portable Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Baokun Brand Portable gantry CNC plasma flame cutting machine is designed for heavy metal plate cutting, The CNC plasma and flame cutting machine adopts gantry structure with double-driven system, the working size can be customized upon your requirements

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Gantry Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Heavy duty large gantry plasma cutting machine is designed for metal plate cutting, heavy duty large gantry plasma cutting machine can cut mild steel with flame cutting and cut high carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metal with plasma cutting. Brief Intro:CNC plasma pipe profile cutting and beveling machine is controlled by computer and driven by an AC servo motor or stepping motor, which is suitable for cutting large diameter pipes.

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Plasma Cutting Machine Samples

samples of cnc plasma cutting machine

Plasma Cutting Machine Samples

cnc plasma cutter

Plasma Cutting Machine Samples

Plasma Cutting Machine Samples

Plasma Cutting Machine Samples


At Baokun, you can find all certified laser calibration machines which will give you best accuracy and quality cutting services. Heavy steel frames of our machines can provide utmost durability, and you can achieve the accuracy in cutting with these machines. You can find several parameters in database management and you can find the entire details during your cutting process including feed rate, pierce delay and pierce height. So you can easily switch and manage your cutting materials and you do not need to change the programming features.


If you want the best quality CNC Plasma cutting machine at an affordable rate, we, at BaoKun have some of the most advanced models to offer you.

Our machines are equipped with the latest technology, which allows you in precision cutting which is a major thing as far as different types of electrically conductive metals are concerned. Plus, you do not feel any vibration during the cutting process because the heavy-duty steel frame of our machines will absorb the vibration, and you get a precise cut every time.

When you choose our CNC Plasma Cutting machines, you will find a downdraft table which will eliminate all dust particles during your cutting process. Plus, it would not cost you much and you can save your time by using such heavy-speed Baokun Series CNC Plasma cutting machines.

During the cutting process, it is really difficult to control the parameters, and in our baokun Series CNC Plasma cutters, you can find an IPAD designing screen where you can monitor the feed-rate, pierce delay, pierce height, and other parameters. You just need to select the materials that you want to cut and these parameters will be automatically adjusted according to your pre-set values.

Materials cut

These machines work by transmitting an electric arc through a special type of gas, which is passed through a narrow opening, which looks like a nozzle. When the gas passes through this nozzle at a high velocity, it gets squeezed, which adds to its level of intensity.

You can cut through electrically conductive materials by using jet hot plasma beams. You can use our plasma cutting machines on stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and any other conductive metals. Even, fabrication shows also use our plasma cutting machines, and you can use these cutting machines for your automatic repairs, restoration, industrial construction and scrapping operations.


People can use our plasma cutting machines for various purposes, and you can choose such machines for the following purposes:

Custom metal fabrication
Industrial equipment manufacturing
Machinery manufacturing
HVAC sheet metal fabrication
Steel service centers
Job shop manufacturing
Automotive manufacturing

A cnc plasma cutting machine is also called as follows:

CNC plasma table, plasma cutting table, plasma cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting table, CNC plasma cutting system, CNC plasma cutting equipment.

Over the years, Baokun has emerged as one of the most reputed and leading names in China, when it comes to manufacturing Plasma cutting machines of the best quality. Today, we are operating on a global scale, and have a name for ourselves as one of the best manufacturers of plasma cutting machines.

We offer 3 years of warranty on our machines, and it would be our responsibility to ensure that all the technical issues, post-purchase period is being taken care of with regular follow ups and services.

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