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The Tube is a affordable CNC round and square pipe cutting solution that comes in a compact footprint.  It can do pipe OD from 30 to 120 mm and pipe length from 3000 to 15.000 mm by plasma. This two-axis CNC pipe cutting machine has a footprint of only 0.6m wide and can rapidly profile aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel pipes with ease.User powerful and friendly Italy libellula software allows quick understanding and efficient use of Tube S machines after a short training. NC data file transfer to Tube S from CAD/CAM software available as option.

Top Cutting Quality
-Optimal cutting torch paths calculated by the TUBE S control system ensures extremely accurate weld preparation.
-Advanced design and top quality components enable fast and efficient cutting with top quality results.
-After experimental measurement, the cutting tolerance is less than 0.3 with Panasonic high-quality servo motor, which can
meet the tolerance requirements of all complex workpieces.

Traverse Speed 0 – 8000mm / min
Pipe Capacity 25 – 120 mm
Height Control HYD Arc Voltage THC
Travel – Longitudinal 3 m / 6 m 
Maximum Cutting Speed 0 – 8000mm / min(limited by cutting process
Pipe Rotation Drive Precision planetary gear box and belt drive
Linear Motion Precision rack and pinion
Cutting Process Plasma
Temperature (operating) 40-100°F (1-38°C)
Fume Extraction Custom quotes available upon request
Language English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, French, Japanese, Czech and Slovenia, etc.