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is it a good idea to get plasma machine for cutting thick steel >10mm ?

Some cusotmers want to cut thick metal sheet , up to 10mm. but confused with the choice for plasma cutting machine and the laser machine .

Plasma cutting machine has rough cutting and not clear , but price is cheap , fiber laser cutting machine has a good cutting performance , very clean and smoothly ,but price is hgh . 

Following is some some cusotmers experinece for answer this questions:

Mick Botsios: My 1000w fiber can easily cut 10mm mild,Took a bit to get it dialed in but cuts nice and clean

Kevin Allen :Nobody goes from laser to plasma. Just get a larger power source for laser table if possible.

Derek Jones:I’d say yes unless you have a really big bank account. A decent plasma table capable of cutting up to 1″ could be had for under $100,000. A laser able to to cut 1″ would cost $500,000+.

Kevin Allen:We are about to change our laser source from 1500 watt to 3300 watt and the quote was 49,000 with trade. Fiber laser prices are dropping drastically with new technology and competition coming around.

Miroslav Duspar:aWith 1000W you can cat 10mm without problem, for thicker material better you buy 1500- 2000W, laser source and change… Of course if your cutting head is suitable for that power

Gary Ramse :ydepends on your needs, if plasma cut quality and accuracy will meet your needs, then yes, go for it. For low to medium production qty, 1kw will do just fine on 10MM mild/carbon steel. For high production, would be best to upgrade to 4KW. Its expensive, yes it is. Just have to gear up your business and charge accordingly


I think Mr Gary Ramse gives the best answer to this question !

No matter you need the plasma cutting machine or the laser cutting machine , contact us , we can give you good offer ! 

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