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Why Choose a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine ?

Apr 3, 2020

Nowadays there are mainly 3 types of laser cutting machines in the market, they are CO2 laser cutting machine, YAG laser cutting machine, and fiber laser cutting machine. They have their own production characteristics respectively, and let us talk about that from different perspectives. Cutting Speed and Effect The cutting speed of fiber laser cutting […]

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is it a good idea to get plasma machine for cutting thick steel >10mm ?

Mar 24, 2020

Some cusotmers want to cut thick metal sheet , up to 10mm. but confused with the choice for plasma cutting machine and the laser machine . Plasma cutting machine has rough cutting and not clear , but price is cheap , fiber laser cutting machine has a good cutting performance , very clean and smoothly […]

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Chinese Professional Manufactuerer of CNC Machines

Mar 9, 2020

Beginning in 2020, due to the epidemic, shutdowns and production will be caused, resulting in great losses to our Chinese companies, but the Chinese are unbeatable. Because of the spirit of China, we are confident to overcome this epidemic, and we believe People can overcome this epidemic, let’s take off our masks and breathe fresh […]

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The ultimate guide to CNC plasma cutting machine

Feb 8, 2020

During production, metals are required to be cut in different shapes and designs to achieve the function intended. In traditional workshops and factories, the process was performed manually by workers using basic tools. The biggest downside to this however was it was quite difficult to achieve accurate results. Fortunately, with the automation and development of […]

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Laser Cutting Machine: All You Need To Know

Feb 8, 2020

The laser ray is an amplified light that is emitted from a specially designed device, being stimulated by electromagnetic radiation. These highly powerful rays can melt, burn, vaporize or tear off many substances. Now, these laser rays are used for cutting different materials into smaller pieces. The application of laser cutting machine is gaining popularity […]

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