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Nowadays Customered stone laser engraving products are more and more popular!. Stone engraving of thick, hard, wear-resistant, durable, elegant, luxurious properties in the field of customered prizes, gifts, decorations, and has unique style. Stone engraving of many varieties of raw materials, rich in resources. Stone of many varieties of texture, color and texture suitable for laser engraving, the effect is very good. Among them, the most common generally include the following categories:
1. Stone: Is another kind of natural stone, which is suitable for laser engraving. Compared with marble, slate texture slightly soft, slightly rough surface. But because the slate is derived from sedimentary rock, fine texture, uniform color diversity, laser carving is widely used to decorate the walls, floors.
2. Marble: In personalized carving, marble is the best raw materials, the texture of marble and color solemn, whether black, black, dark green, rose or white, give a very elegant beauty. Therefore, in the already has many traditional products, based on the recent development of laser technology to carve photographs, images and text, popular.
3. Granite: Very hard and durable, widely used in prizes, souvenirs, and architecture. Granite belongs to limestone system, its obvious feature is spotted, colour and lustre is give to the aesthetic sense of the appearance of the “salt and pepper”, some also have a marble texture. It can accept a variety of polishing and finishing processing. In view of granite color and more, especially black-and-white granite used in laser engraving text, images, etc., very attractive.
4. Sand: As the name suggests, is a natural sand gravel condensation. Sand color is produced by the hard stone washing process of mineral grinding. Because the sand is a mixture of various kinds of desertification, the texture is soft, laser engraving of the effect is very good.
5. Lime stone: This stone is by geothermal precipitate slowly evolved, produced by the mineral rich mineral water temperature carbon dioxide bubbles “hole”, and a unique sense of beauty, the main colors are dark brown or black. In addition, red and Brown are also common, used for flooring and wall decoration.
6. River stone: River stone at the bottom of the river many years washing, so that they become smooth, shaped and bright. The ideal river stone type is a flat, bright black. River stone laser carving products will be in the company gifts, park decoration and other fields to gain a place. If you get involved in the industry, it is necessary to learn and master some of the recognition and processing of knowledge and technology, in order to achieve the effect of professional standards. The first consideration is the quality of the stone. When using the stone laser engraving machine, we should also consider the color and size. The engraving effect is good and bad, the key is to adjust and control the power and speed of the laser system of the stone laser engraving machine. Among them, a common problem is carved stone laser engraving machine motor power is too high, easy to cause the fuzzy perception, to reach the desired color. This method is called direct engraving method, that is, to determine the image to be carved, image, etc. by laser to change the color of the direct projection to the stone. In addition to direct engraving, you can also add color to the stone carvings on other colors. The invasion of color is mainly caused by laser emission and polishing. To add the color of stone carving products, the most popular color of gold, silver and bronze. The effect of a good product, painted into colors such as ink to write the same exquisite. After the color cast, and then polished polished, it really can achieve the most beautiful effect.

samples of laser stone machine (1)

Stone laser engraving machine has more advantages than mechanical stone engraving machine:
1. Faster and more efficient than mechanical engraving.
2. More accurate, and can be carved complex image patterns.
3. The cutting gap is small, the font character of small deformation, organic glass cutting words no flash, no polishing. 4. Engraving & cutting glass, leather, rubber foam board and other special materials.
5. To be cut / carved objects are not fixed.

Laser engraving function to improve efficiency of sculpture, carved surface smooth, mellow and rapidly reduce carved non-metallic material temperature, reduce the deformation and internal stress carved, is widely used in the field of all kinds of non-metal materials with fine carving.

With the laser technology continues to mature, the function of the stone laser engraving machine is also more and more strong, the engraving precision and carving effect is also getting better and better.

1. Stone laser engraving machine lattice engraving:

Dot matrix engraving is exactly like the high definition of dot matrix print. Laser head around swing, each carving out is composed of a series of points of a line, then the laser head and mobile carving out multiple lines, the last page of the image or text. Scanning graphics, text and vector graphics can be used to dot matrix engraving.

2. Stone laser engraving machine vector cutting:

Vector and raster engraving, vector cutting is carried out in the graphic outline of the line. We usually use this mode in the wood, Senanayake tablets, paper and other materials on the penetration of the cutting, also can be in a variety of materials, surface marking operation.

3. Stone laser engraving machine engraving speed:

Engraving speed refers to the laser head moving speed, usually with IPS (inches per second), high speed and high production efficiency. Speed is also used to control the cutting depth for a given laser intensity, the slower the speed, cutting or engraving depth is large. You can use the engraving machine paneladjusting speed, also can use the computer to print driver to adjust. In the 1% to 100% range, the adjustment is 1%. With STYLE stone laser engraving machine advanced motion control system you can be in high speed engraving, still get the ultra fine engraving quality.