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cnc router machine for woodworking (1)cnc router machine (1)cnc wood router machine (1)

Working size:1300*2500*200mm
Table size :1310×2600mm
Body structure :Square tube
Working table:Vacuum table + Vacuum Pump 5.5kw air vacuum pump
Working accuracy:±0.1mm
Re-position accuracy:±0.1mm
Traveling speed:100m/min
Working speed :30m/min
Spindle:3kw water cooling spindle
Spindle rotary speed:0-24000rpm
Control system:DSP A11 control system
Drive and motor:Leadshine stepper motor 450B,and M860 driver
Transmission:mode Square rail for XYZ axis, Hiwin25 ,Rack gears for X.Y axis,
Taiwan TBI Ball screw for Z axis
Working voltage:AC380V/50HZ
Command language:G-code,
Oiling system:manually oiling
Inverter:3.7kw Delta brand
Cutters :10 pieces with diameter of 6mm and 12.7mm
Collects :2 pieces
Dust Collector :3.0kw
Voltage Transformer :15kw
Packaging Measure :3.2*2.12*2.15m
Machine weight:1300kg

Our 1325 CNC Router wood machine is widely used in the wood industry to engrave
and process red furniture and antique furniture which can be also used in the advertising to process
models with various picture. It’s widely used in wood engraving, wood cutting ,bamboo engraving,
bamboo cutting, marble engraving , marble cutting ,duotone acryl engraving, duotone acryl cutting,
plastic engraving, plastic cutting and metals such as copper engraving, cooper cutting and aluminum engraving , aluminum cutting. It can be also used for lettering, embossment, and characters cut in
relief, etc
samples for the atc cnc router machinesamples of wood router machine