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laser head
controller panel for the laser machine
wheels for the laser machine
wheel belt for laser machine
water pump for the laser machine
water chiller for the laser machine
voltage meter for the laser machine
up and down table for the laser machine
tools box for the laser machine
switches for the laser machine
protect cover for the laser machine
protect button for laser machine
motors for the laser machine
limite switch for the laser machine
Reci laser tube
fulong belt for laser machine
exaust fan for the laser machine
controller box for the laser machine
buttons for the laser machine
blade table for the laser machine
ball screew for the laser machine
ABBA brand rails for laser machine
laser mirrors
laser mirrors 1

co 2 laser machine
co2 laser cutter
co2 laser machine for cutting
co2 laser cutting machine
1.Rapid cutting function for curved lines:any curved line can be cut successively and rapidly;running path of laser heads is like beautiful arc lines produced by the greatest racing cars.
2.Design software of CAD,CORELDRAW,PHOTOSHOP are all supported for friendly human-computer interface and demand of the industries on-the-spot.
3.Multi-file function:this series machine can store 256 working files for users to choose needed files on the engraving machine under condition of off-line so that mass production of 256 different products can be realized easily.
4.Signal’s do not have change and anti-disturbance ability is strong during long distance transportation when whole light integration system cooperating with high speed differential input and output circuit design which has 12 working state for output and working state for input to adapt to processing on-the spot.
5.Cutting surface is smooth and precise during large area laser cutting for cutting and engraving demand of various customers and industries.
6.Stable light path,industrial chiller to make sure the same output laser power from every site of working platform,high speed and efficiency,stable processing quality.
7.This kind of machine is applied in craft and gifts,packaging and printing,stone,wood furniture,toys,electron,model,paper products,building decoration,etc.

Applicable Materials: Rubber,plastic,cloth ,leather , woollens ,crystal,organic glass ,tile,jade ,bamboo,wood ,etc. 
Applicable Indusries: Rubber,plastic,cloth toys,leather ,computer embroidery cutting 
,mould ,crafts ,bamboo and wood ,advertising and building decoration ,packaging and printing ,paper products.
Typical Application: Acrylic crystal words,acrylic fish tank,ceramic crafts,rubber board printing,applique,special-shaped trademark,engraving and hollowing out patterns or designs on garment and leather.
samples of laser machine

spare parts for the laser
spare parts for the laser machine